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1: Supreme Alfalfa Horse Hay (Small Square Bales) (Posted: 8/12/2020)

Posted by: Twin Ridge Farms
Email: twinridgefarms(at)
Supreme Quality Pure Alfalfa Horse Hay
Very fine stems and very leafy.
50 pound small square bales.
Grown on our farm in Shenandoah Valley.
$9.75 per bale. Discounts for semi loads over 400 bales.
Free loading at our barn.
Please email for more ... more
Price $9.75

2: Second Cut Alfalfa Orchard Mix Grass Hay Square Bales Excellent Quality Locally Grown (Posted: 7/8/2020)

Posted by: Carolina P Carver
Front Royal   VA
Email: cpcarver(at)
Second Cut Alfalfa Orchard Mix Grass Hay Square Bales Excellent Quality

Locally Grown

Clean Horse Hay 2020 Crop

Barn Kept on Pallets

Square Bales 45-55 lbs

$13/bale Ratio 80%-90% Alfalfa

$10/bale 50/50

🐴 ... more
Price $10.00

3: FRESH CUT Hay for Sale (Posted: 6/10/2020)

Posted by: Caitlin Strate
Umatilla   FL
1st cutting alfalfa orchard grass mix 80% alfalfa and 20% orchard grass. 55 to 60 pound bales delivery available in full semi loads of 550 bales. Plea... more


4: Horse Hay (Posted: 5/18/2020)

Posted by: Foltz Farms
Shenandoah   VA
Email: foltzfarms(at)
Alfalfa, alfalfa/Orchardgrass, and orchardgrass square bales, 40-45lb bales, $6 to $7 per bale, Shenandoah, Va 22849
Email for photos. Foltzfarms@... more
Price $7.00

5: Looking for timothy (only!) round bale (Posted: 3/11/2020)

Posted by: Erin Isaachsen
Aldie   VA
Email: erin.isaachsen(at)
I'm in Aldie, VA. (20105) Looking for a horse quality pure timothy round bale. (May end up coming back to get a few more depending on how big/how long it lasts.) I have a horse that is having some digestive problems so trying to determine if it is hay species related. ... more

Showing records 1 - 5 of 5
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