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Meadow Vista Farm - Retirees Welcome!

Date Added: 5/16/2017
Posted By: Sarah Robertson
Ruffin,   nc  
Email Address: meadowvistafarm(at)

Meadow Vista Farm is pleased to offer Quality Horse Boarding Available at our farm in Ruffin, NC. We are only about 10 minutes from the Danville, Virginia line just a couple hours away from most places in Virginia and we do cater to out of town and even out of state boarder.

We specialize in board for your beloved older horse needing a wonderful, loving home to enjoy their much deserved retirement. I placed the ads in more expensive cost of living areas for horses as I have met several people over the years who want a nice place for their retired horses to live without having to pay $500+ a month for board. I have a 32 year old gelding where the owner lives at the beach and visits him about twice a year and loves him being here. So, that was my idea behind posting the ads within several hours of our farm. :)

We are a small, private, family owned farm and we are now opening our farm up to more boarders. Our pasture board includes the following....

Amenities include:
- 160 acre farm
- Barn with 4 stalls if needed
- large pastures 6 - 12 acres each that are limed and fertilized each year for lush pastures to graze
-each pasture has a run-in shed for shelter and access to fresh water
-Horses fed quality grain and hay daily
-Pasture board starts at $200 for access to all above and up to 5 pounds of grain per day. (Increase in price if more than 5 lbs.)

Over 20 years experience with horses and we are a private, down to earth type farm but aim for a high quality boarding experience. If you are interested in learning more about us please email us. We look forward to hearing from you! References available.

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