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Meadow Vista Farm - Retirees Welcome!

Date Added: 5/16/2017
Posted By: Sarah Robertson
Ruffin,   nc  
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Meadow Vista Farm is pleased to offer Quality Horse Boarding Available at our farm in Ruffin, NC. We are only about 10 minutes from the Danville, Virginia line just a couple hours away from most places in Virginia. Not a bad drive for if you are looking for a nice place to retire your horse but want to still check in on them from time to time!

We specialize in board for your beloved older horse needing a wonderful, loving home to enjoy their much deserved retirement. I placed the ads in more expensive cost of living areas for horses as I have met several people over the years who want a nice place for their retired horses to live without having to pay $500+ a month for board. I have a 32 year old gelding where the owner lives at the beach and visits him about twice a year and loves him being here. So, that was my idea behind posting the ads within several hours of our farm. :)

We are a small, private, family owned farm and we are now opening our farm up to more boarders. Our pasture board includes the following....

Amenities include:
-160 acre farm
- Barn with 4 stalls if needed
- Private boarder tack room and tack up area
- large pastures that are limed and fertilized each year for lush pastures to graze
-each pasture has a run-in shed for shelter and access to fresh water
- large sand riding ring complete with jumps and equipment
-small training ring/round pen for working and training
- miles of trails on our farm and adjoining land
-Horses fed quality grain and hay
-Pasture board starts at $225 but may be more for special feed, supplements, etc. Please contact us for price

Over 20 years experience with horses and we are a private, down to earth type farm but aim for a high quality boarding experience. If you are interested in learning more about us please PM us. We look forward to hearing from you! References available.

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